Event Policies

Admittance & Guest Accessibility Plan For Social EventsGeneral Media Students & Off Campus MediaCollege Media Students Representing CJLX, QNET News or Campus TV ProgramsPhotography & Video

The Shark Tank Pub is an ALL AGES facility for full time Loyalist College students at the Belleville campus only. A valid full time Loyalist Student ID Card or Student Account Summary with photo ID is required for admittance.

Only ONE guest per full time Loyalist student, unless otherwise noted on the specific event page. Guest must be a minimum of 17, accompanied by the full time Loyalist student and signed in the guest book. The student will be held directly responsible for their guest’s actions.

At all events held at The Shark Tank Pub involving alcohol, entrance is restricted to persons 17 years of age or older. Acceptable government issued photo id such as a BYID LCBO card, picture driver’s license, military card or passport must be produced as proof of age.

The Shark Tank Pub staff reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Students and guests who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs shall be denied entrance to the event at the discretion of The Shark Tank Pub staff.

Photos and video footage taken during events held in the Student Centre and Shark Tank Pub will be used for advertising and website purposes, publications and in any medium or context.

  • Student Government events and activities are open to all full-time students at the Belleville campus.
  • Students with disabilities are permitted to use personal assistive devices to access events and activities.
  • A support person can accompany a student with a disability to events and activities. If there is an admission fee, the support person will not be charged.
  • The Shark Tank Pub is equipped with automatic door openers and new treads on the staircase.
  • In 2012, the lights along the pathway behind the College from the Residence area to the Shark Tank Pub were updated to provide a safer route for students attending pub events.
Sign language interpreting services will be offered at special events featuring comedians or guest speakers for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, upon request. The request must be sent to Office Manager Amy Farrow at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Events held in the venue are NOT open to the general public.
  • Interviews, photographs, video or recording is prohibited for those people who are NOT representing CJLX, QNet News or Campus TV programs.
  • Please note that professional media equipment will NOT be permitted in the venue.

All forms of College Media (CJLX, QNet News, Campus TV Programs) will be permitted TWO students’ names on the Media Guest List to enter the venue on each pub night.

  • Faculty Co-ordinators of QNet News, CJLX and Campus TV Programs must provide the names of the students covering the event BEFORE 4 P.M. on the event day. These students will be added to the Media Guest List and receive free admittance to the event.
  • In the event that a student covering the event has changed, contact Office Manager Amy Farrow.
  • Must arrive before 10 pm as their seat will NOT be held after 10 pm.
  • Must wait in line.
  • Must visit the Box Office to identify themselves as being on the Media Guest List and then get checked off the list.
  • Will NOT receive a coupon and NOT be entitled to win door prizes.
  • NO media equipment, jackets, backpacks, etc. will be stored in the Loyalist Student Government Office or behind The Shark Tank Pub’s bar area. The Loyalist Student Government and Shark Tank Pub will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All interviews with and photographs of performers must be arranged ahead of time with the act’s manager and/or record label. The Loyalist Student Government and Director, Student Life are NOT responsible for arranging interviews or photographs. Photographs, video and recording will only be permitted in the venue if the act’s manager gives permission and their conditions are followed.
  • If an interview is scheduled or earlier access to the venue is required prior to doors opening, earlier admittance may be arranged and the Faculty Co-ordinators will be required to notify Office Manager Amy Farrow BEFORE 4 P.M. on the event day.
  • Representatives of the media who gain access to the venue prior to the doors opening will
  • contact Office Manager Amy Farrow to:
    • inform her of their arrival and find out if the interview time is still on schedule, when required.
    • wait in the Shark Tank Pub and be escorted into the restricted area. Media may be asked to leave restricted areas at any time before or after interviews.
  • upon request from the Loyalist Student Government or Shark Tank Pub Staff, leave the venue for purposes of cleaning or preparation for that evening’s events and will be permitted to re-enter the venue upon approval from the Loyalist Student Government or Shark Tank Pub Staff.
It is the policy of the Loyalist Student Government and The Shark Tank Pub that these guidelines are adhered to for those representing the College media at Loyalist Student Government pub nights. If these guidelines are not followed, admittance as a member of the media may be revoked and the student shall be permitted to enter as a member of the general population of the students of Loyalist College.

The Loyalist Student Government Photographers take photos at various events and activities throughout the year such as:

  • Pub Nights
  • Campus Recreation programs
  • Outdoor Adventure trips
  • Varsity Athletic games

The photos are used for advertising and website purposes, publications and in any medium or context. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please advise the photographer or videographer covering the event or activity.

The Loyalist Student Government shall not publish individual names with photographs unless prior permission has been sought and given. Once permission has been given, the Loyalist Student Government will only publish the student’s first name.

Only Photographers and Videographers authorized by the Loyalist Student Government will be permitted to use professional photographic and video equipment at events held in the Shark Tank Pub.